Battery storage

Efficient energy storage with a home battery

Did you know that families who have installed solar panels only consume about 30% of the generated energy immediately? Many people are away from home during the day, which means that the solar energy cannot be put to optimal use. Especially now that the reverse counter has disappeared and the capacity tariff is approaching, efficient battery storage is not a luxury. This way you can get more profit from your suntiles or slates and your energy-independency is within reach.

Lower energy bills

A home battery prevents your generated energy from disappearing on the power grid when you’re not using it yourself. On top of that, you have to buy less energy from the grid at times when there is no sunlight. This way you can enjoy lower energy bills and you close the circle of renewable energy.

4 battery systems

At Smartroof we offer 4 different connection options for a battery system. For a new installation, for example, you have the choice between a single phase or a three-phase SolarEdge hybrid inverter. For existing installations with a single phase or a three-phase SolarEdge inverter we offer a simple solution by inserting the efficient StorEdge Interface between the inverter and the battery.

Tip: Not (yet) interested in a home battery? Then you can also use a heat pump (boiler) to buffer the excess solar energy in the warm water storage.