All eyes on your architecture

As the architect, you are the one responsible for the aesthetics of houses and other buildings. You spend hours refining your design to get even the smallest details right. Then this PV system comes along, effectively sabotaging all your efforts. Fortunately, Smartroof solar tiles and slates are the solution to your problems.

Integrated solution

The solar tiles and slates, with integrated photovoltaic elements, are perfectly aligned with the rest of the roof’s surface. This means your architectural vision keeps its original splendour. Moreover, you don’t even have to compromise on energy performance.

E-peil advantage

Solar energy is still the most efficient and easy way to meet the minimum demands for renewable energy. Smartroof installs the system based on the desired results, in consultation with yourself and the EPC assessor.

Environmentally friendly materials

Smartroof manufactures its solar tiles and slates in its Belgian factory. All solar tiles and slates are made of 100 percent recyclable, high-grade plastic. Smartroof products are crafted with the environment in mind, and fit perfectly in a sustainable and future-oriented design.