Solar tiles and slates : added value for every roofer

Solar energy has enormous potential. It is just such a shame that conventional PV systems completely ruin the aesthetics of your work. Not with Smartroof solar tiles and slates ! Thanks to our solar tiles and slates , with integrated photovoltaic elements, your craftsmanship will get the attention it deserves.

Easy to install

Smartroof solar tiles and slates are secured to the tile lathes, similarly to traditional ceramic or concrete tiles and slates . For you, the roofer, nothing changes.

Smartroof offers you full support

  1. We will guide you through the initial installation to ensure everything is properly in place.
  2. If need be, we will integrate any electrical devices into the roof construction.
  3. Then we will take care of the electrical installation and the system’s inspection.

Optimal compatibility

Do you like to work with ceramic tiles? No problem! Our suntiles and slates are compatible with the tiles and slates of leading manufacturers such as Wienerberger, Monier, Terreal, Imersys, ZZ Wancor and Eternit.

In other words: you can install a beautiful roof for your customers, just as you always have, except now you earn money while you do it. Smartroof offers you compensation for installing solar tiles and slates . It is really that simple!