Why opt for a Smartroof system?

Smartroof solar tiles and slates offers you an alternative to the hideous PV constructions that clutter up so many roofs. However, there’s more to it than just aesthetics; allow us to sum up all the perks for you!

1. The aesthetically pleasing solution for your roof

No matter how you look at it, one of the biggest advantages of Smartroof solar tiles and slates is how stylish they are. The solar tiles and slates are perfectly aligned with the roof’s surface, and seamlessly slide over the ceramic roof tiles of all leading manufacturers.

RenoSolPan & NeoSolPan

Smartroof has the perfect solution for every roof, ranging from classic town houses and parsonage houses to modern urban homes and villas.

Solar energy has never been so aesthetically pleasing!

2. Maximum returns, optimal SAP rating.

No matter which suntile or slate you choose, you utilise every little corner of your roof. Moreover, Smartroof uses SolarEdge technology. The system is split up into different electric compartments. This ensures you will always have the maximum amount of electricity at your disposal.

The solar tiles and slates will lower your E-peil (Belgian equivalent of SAP) up to 20 points, depending on your orientation and the slope of your roof. This is ideal if you live in Flanders and want to apply for the E-peil energy grant for newly built constructions or energy-saving renovations. (Note: this energy grant will be cancelled in 2017.)

The transition to an almost energy-neutral home is a smooth and easy one, and it makes you eligible for energy grants. If you reach an E-peil of 30, you will pay only 50 percent of the property tax for the next five years. If it is lower than 20, you will not have to pay any property tax for the next five years. Again, this only applies if you live in Flanders.

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All solar tiles and slates have air ducts on the inside. This keeps the temperature of the photovoltaic elements to a minimum. The loss of return compared to traditional PV systems is only 3 percent per year. In other words, negligible!

Tip: you can use the hot air that flows underneath the tiles and slates to the ridge of the roof as an air supply for the heat pump boiler. This way, you will get even more out of your roof. You save twice:

  1. You generate electricity thanks to the Smartroof solar tiles and slates.
  2. You save a lot on water heating.

3. Belgian quality and service.

Made in Belgium!

Smartroof is a Belgian company that manufactures solar tiles and slates made of 100 percent recyclable plastic; sustainability at its finest.

Do you have any questions? Or maybe a technical issue? Smartroof’s support is never far away.

4. Easy to maintain.

Once the solar tiles and slates are in place, you no longer have to concern yourself with them. However, thanks to the connection with SolarEdge, we can precisely monitor their performance. What if the performance suddenly decreases? We will immediately pinpoint the problem and solve it as soon as possible.


We can quickly replace a malfunctioning photovoltaic element without removing the tile. Just how do we do that? Very simple: with a suction cup!

5. Long warranty.

Smartroof offers a performance guarantee of 90 percent after 10 years, and 80 percent after 20 years on all tiles and slates. You will enjoy maximum performance for years to come.

6. One focal point.

Smartroof will handle the entire project. We will coordinate the roofing and apply for all available energy grants for you. We will also take care of the electrical installation and the system’s inspection.

In short: Smartroof is your one-stop-shop for an aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient PV system!