Discover our CeraSolPan

Would you like to get the most out of free solar energy, but are you hesitant to disrupt the aesthetics of your roof with a bunch of solar panels? Then the CeraSolPan’s sleek design is your dream solution come true.

All you need is 30 m²

Smartroof combines hyper-efficient photovoltaic elements with SolarEdge Optimizers and inverters, which will save you up to 15 percent per year, and online monitoring for the entire solar roof. This way, your CeraSolPan tiles generate 5,250 kWh of electricity per year in just 30 m² of roof surface area. This covers the energy consumption of an average family without any problems and you can save up thanks to lower electricity costs.

Tip: View the technical drawing of the PV efficiency based on solar roof pitch and orientation here.

Discreet integration

Does an eye-sore of a construction on your roof come to mind when you think of solar panels? Then you’ll undoubtedly love the discreetly integrated CeraSolPan tiles. You can barely tell the difference between these and your flat ceramic roof tiles.

Quick installation

The CeraSolPan is perfectly compatible with the Volnay flat ceramic roof tile from Terreal. Your roofer can easily install the suntiles right along with the regular roof tiles, without having to provide anything special for your subsurface or battens. And to make it even easier for the roofer: five CeraSolPan tiles have the same width as seven ceramic tiles.

High returns

Not only is the CeraSolPan beautiful, but it combines that beauty with excellent returns. This way, you’re guaranteed a sustainable investment.