Discover our Minimodule

Solar panels are the perfect solution for generating electricity yourself. And you don’t have to change the look of your roof to do this. Thanks to the Minimodule, you can discreetly integrate suntiles into your roof while benefiting from optimum returns.

All you need is 30 m²

Smartroof combines hyper-efficient photovoltaic elements with SolarEdge Optimizers and inverters. This will save you up to 15 percent per year. This way, your Minimodule generates 4,845 kWh of electricity per year in just 30 m² of roof surface area. This covers the energy consumption of an average family without any problems and you can save up to €47,061 over 20 years thanks to lower electricity costs.

Tip: View the technical drawing of the PV efficiency based on solar roof pitch and orientation here.

Sleek look

Smartroof not only has suntiles; we also offer the Minimodule. In this option, multiple black suntiles are linked together to create a single module. This ensures a sleek look for you and easy installation for your roofer. A single Minimodule is the same width as four ceramic tiles, so the roofer doesn’t have to adapt anything and the finish of your roof is clean and tidy!

Natural shape

The Minimodule is rain-proof, low-maintenance, and follows the natural shape of the Volnay flat ceramic roof tiles from Terreal. Beautiful and practical!

Double returns

The Minimodule’s photovoltaic cells guarantee high returns. This way, you get the utmost out of free solar energy. Plus, you increase the value of your home.