Aesthetically pleasing solar energy for your villa or urban home

The thought of solar panels ruining the appearance of your modern urban home or stylish villa is probably not very appealing to you. You are not alone: conventional PV systems are a thorn in the side of architects as well. Fortunately, there’s the Smartroof NeoSolPan.

Flat shape

Smartroof’s large, flat NeoSolPan makes an already stylish roof look even better. It can be placed on roofs big and small with a slope starting at barely 12°.

Maximum compatibility

This plastic roof tile with integrated photovoltaic elements is perfectly compatible with the tiles of leading manufacturers such as Wienerberger, Monier, Terreal, Imersys, and ZZ Wancor.

High returns

This robust tile has an integrated photovoltaic element enveloped in tempered and hail-proof glass. Its performance of 125 Wp/m² is unique on the market. This way you can benefit from maximum returns without cluttering up the view of your home.

You only need 35 m²

Smartroof combines hyper-efficient photovoltaic elements with SolarEdge Optimizers and inverters. This will save you up to 25 percent per year. A roof surface of 35 m² generates 4,000 kWh of electricity per year. This amount covers the electricity needs of an average family.

Tip: if you have a heat pump, factor in the extra electricity usage when calculating the PV system. This way you can heat your home with free solar energy!