Do you want to combine a rustic look with solar energy?
We can do that for you!

Would you like to benefit from solar energy without ruining the appearance of your home? You can, with Smartroof’s RenoSolPan. It is the perfect solution for homes with a classic look. The tiles can be placed during renovation or during construction of a new home.

You only need 30 m²

Smartroof combines hyper-efficient photovoltaic elements with SolarEdge Optimizers and inverters. This will save you up to 15 percent per year. A roof surface of 30 m² generates 2,138 kWh of electricity per year. This amount covers the electricity needs of a small family and you can save up to €15,467 over 20 years compared to the annual electricity costs that you would otherwise have.

Tip: if you have a heat pump, factor in the extra electricity usage when calculating the PV system. This way you can heat your home with free solar energy!

Tip: View the technical drawing of the PV efficiency based on solar roof pitch and orientation here.

Iconic roof tiles

The RenoSolPan is modelled after the original Flemish Stormpan 44. It has been Belgium’s most popular roof tile for many years now. Literally hundreds of millions of Stormpannen adorn roofs all over Western Europe.

Universally usable

Due to its medium size and archetypical shape, Smartroof’s RenoSolPan fits every architectural application. They can be used for both newly built homes and renovation purposes.


You can seamlessly combine RenoSolPan with ceramic roof tiles from brands such as Wienerberger, Imerys and Monier.

Maximum performance

The tiles are small and can cover even the smallest nooks and crannies, even around skylights and dormer windows.