Extra returns up to 25 percent thanks to SolarEdge

Are you considering Smartroof’s solar tiles? Just wait until you hear about our next technological breakthrough: the SolarEdge Optimizers and inverters, which yield up to 25 percent more electricity.

Different compartments

How is this accomplished? SolarEdge technology splits up your PV system into different electric compartments. This ensures you will always have the maximum amount of electricity at your disposal, even if one of the tiles is in the shade or dirty.

Make full use of every hour of sun

SolarEdge starts up the photovoltaic elements very quickly, which means they are active much longer than those in other PV systems. Take full advantage of every hour of sun.

Traditional Inverters
Traditional Inverters
SolarEdge System
SolarEdge System

Remote control

SolarEdge makes it easy to monitor each individual single via PC or laptop, or with the free app for iOS and Android. This gives you two significant advantages:

  • You can see your returns at a glance.
  • If you ever have a technical issue, you will instantly know what caused it.

In other words: SolarEdge makes your Smartroof system even better!