Discover our sunslate

Would you like to clad your roof with slates? This is the perfect case in which to integrate the sunslate photovoltaic elements into your roof without detracting from the look of it. The integration of the slates is practically invisible on your roof.

Fast installation

Thanks to the simple installation method, without any accessories, your roofer can lay these sunslates in practically no time at all. The sunslate is also compatible with the Eternit slates. Smartroof combines hyper-efficient photovoltaic elements with SolarEdge Optimizers. This will save you up to 15 percent per year. This way, your sunslates generate 4,275 kWh of electricity per year in just 30 m² of roof surface area, this covers the energy consumption of an average family without any problems.

Tip: View the technical drawing of the PV efficiency based on solar roof pitch and orientation here.


Forget sunslates that turn your roof into an eye-sore. The sunslatee is designed to seamlessly integrate into your slate roof. You won’t be able to tell the difference between these sustainable sunslates and your regular slates.

Pretty pattern

For the very best results, combine the sunslate with slates of 40 by 27 centimetres. The double cover configuration is the most recommended installation technique. This creates a pretty pattern of horizontal lines.